Concrete Saw, 14"

Lithium-Ion Battery

MX FUEL™ System


Length 31.73"

Width 12"

Height 13.93"

WEIGHT32 lbs

Our MX FUEL™  Cut-Off Saw delivers instant starts  and can cut 6 ft of concrete per charge.

The MX FUEL™ REDLITHIUM™ battery pack provides power with no gas headaches. This results in a safer workspace indoors or outdoors.

The push-button activation eliminates the repetitive motions of a pull start and gives you the ability to cut materials faster from start to finish.

A full 14” capacity gives you the ability to cut up to 5” depths in a large variety of materials.

Carbide blade extra charge.

Full Day
$60.00 + blade
Call Us
$195.00 + blade

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