Privacy Policy

Rental Schedule

Daily duration

Equipment returned within 24 hours of pick-up;8 hrs on the hour meter per day

Weekend duration

Daily rate x 1½ some exceptions may apply.

Week duration

Equipment returned within 7 days of pickup: 40 hrs on the hour meter per week.
Rental Rates commence when equipment leaves Broadline Rental yard and ends when equipment is returned to yard.
Transportation available at extra charge.
The leasee is responsible for proper maintenance of equipment and supply of fuel, oil, lubricants and insurance of the equipment while in their possession.
Any lost, damaged or stolen equipment will be charged to the customer
Unless breakdown of equipment in the field is immediately reported to us during the rental period, no rental adjustment will be considered.8 hour shift rates may apply.
Cleaning or sharpening charges may apply.
We will not be held responsible for equipment returned after regular business hours.
Broadline Rentals Landscape Rake
Broadline Rentals Excavator
Broadline Rentals Stone Picker
Broadline Rentals Post Pounder
Broadline Rentals Scissor Lift
Broadline Rentals Bull Dozer
Broadline Rentals Stump Grinder
Broadline Rentals Wood Chipper
Broadline Rentals Wood Processor
Broadline Rentals Tree Spade
Broadline Rentals Tiller
Broadline Rentals Boom Lift