Sewer Snake, 100 ft Electric

The Easy Rooter is a tough, easy-to-use machine.

For jobs from 2" thru 4" in Diameter.

Power cable feed gives you an easy way to feed cables, driving them into the line and retracting them without reversing the motor.

The large cage holds 100 feet of 3/4" Flexicore® cable to clear tree roots and other difficult obstructions in drain lines.

The Easy Rooter rolls smoothly on big 10" ball bearing wheels mounted on a half inch reinforced axle.

Power is supplied by a 1/3 hp capacitor motor with thermal overload protection.

Machine weight 133lb

Operation1. Loosen the chuck at the front of the cage and pull the cable out of the cage, then put it into the drain until it will not go any farther. Pull another foot of cable out of the cage so that an arc is formed between the machine and drain. Tighten the chuck on the front of the cage firmly against the cable.2. Put the motor switch in the Forward position. Then, with both leather-gloved hands on the cable, step on the foot pedal. Guide the cable into the line with a firm, even pressure.

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